Amusing my Children

Fresh roses with old bookSometimes I think I was placed on this earth just to amuse my children!

Being a mother to two young adult men can be somewhat challenging. It seems that when my children turned twenty-one, they suddenly knew everything!

No matter what I do they tend to find something hilarious about the activity or situation and, of course, would have done things differently.

This weekend, during one of their frequent visits, they brought to the attention of the family, a recent post I shared with social media. Being a writer, and all, I tend to be a bit wordy with some of my posts. My youngest son, who seems to have been creeping on my Facebook page, proceeded to read my post to the entire family using all the inflection in tone one would use if reading a play by William Shakespeare.

Once the laughter died down,  they told me all I had to say was, “I saw a bear in my backyard!”.

So, I put it out there to my friends on Facebook. Did they want me to tell them “I saw a bear in my backyard”? Or, did they want to visualize the bear?

Hands down. My friends wanted to visualize the bear and encouraged me to continue writing my posts as I see fit.

Maybe, just maybe, my sons don’t know everything!

Have a good day!



Dagger’s Destiny First Place Winner!

Fireworks over the waterYahoo!  I just received great news. A few months ago, I entered The Indiana Golden Opportunity writing contest put on by Indiana RWA chapter. I sent in the first 50 pages of my manuscript, ‘Dagger’s Destiny’. The entry was picked as a finalist and sent to a publisher from Penguin (paperback) and a publisher from Entangled (e-books). Today I got a call from Indiana RWA to inform me that I won 1st Place in their Historical Romance category and now my entry will be sent off to another judge so they can pick the best all round. Very exciting news! Hearing such great positive feedback has reinforced my desire to hurry up and get Dagger’s Destiny published!

First Place Winner Banner IGO Contest