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KarenPinkSideWelcome! Let me share a little about myself. I live in beautiful New England with my husband of 36 years. We have two wonderful sons, and they have brought into our lives, their two lovely ladies. We have a beautiful granddaughter and three sweet grand-puppies who visit us often. We have been blessed with a loving and supportive circle of family and friends.

When I’m not day dreaming about the stories cluttering my head, I work full-time, as an Occupational Therapist, at a small community hospital. In my free-time, I enjoy visiting with my children and grandchild, playing with my grand-puppies, doing research on the computer, hanging out with my girlfriends, visiting my son’s brewery, reading, eating out, watching television and traveling along the coast.

I love watching Hallmark movies. My husband teases me and says I have to stop watching them because 90% of the time I tear up at the end. (How do they manage this feat? I now have to keep a box of tissues by my couch).

I can watch Jane Austin movies again and again, especially Pride and Prejudice. When it comes to story-lines, I’m very much attracted to stories where mismatched people become a nontraditional family through their love and respect for each other. An example would be:  A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger. Recent favorite period series include Bridgerton, The Last Kingdom, and Outlander.

Although, I write romance, I enjoy watching Science Fiction and Fantasy, especially futuristic stories. I suppose I’m drawn to the genre, because, to immerse myself in the story, I’m asked to believe that what they tell me is true, and when I believe, a whole new world opens up, with all kinds of possibilities.

One of my  all-time favorite writers is Kathleen Woodiwiss. There are so many, wonderfully-talented writers today, but at an early age, it was Kathleen Woodiwiss, who sparked my passion to read and effortlessly transported me away to another place and time.

If you had an opportunity to read one of my stories, I sincerely hope I was able to take you to another place and time, if just for a little while.

If you have not read one of my stories yet, grab a book and enjoy the journey!

Best wishes,



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