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Aspiring Historical Romance Writer

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“Aspiring Historical Romance Writer” Yikes, is that really me? Where in the world did that come from?  If you asked me years ago what I saw in my future I would never have said, “I see myself as a writer”. Writing is hard. It takes a lot of thought. It’s time consuming. And, I love it!

My journey began quite differently than many other writers. I didn’t grow up writing. I didn’t spend day after day locked in a room pressing pen to paper.

For as long as I can remember, when my head hit the pillow, I dreamed.

I dreamed about people I didn’t know and the lives they might have led. Scenes evolved and aligned themselves in perfect order. Beginnings and endings became clear. Stories emerged. Soon I had a handful of stories taking up space in an already cluttered head. There was nothing else to do but write them down, if just to make room for more adventures, pushing their way in, competing for a spot.

I’ve found that it’s much easier to dream than to write. In order to share my stories with those who might enjoy them, I studied the craft of writing and joined my words together until I finished my first manuscript. I cannot begin to convey my elation when ‘Dagger’s Destiny’ was finally complete. Nor, can I explain the happiness I feel when I share my manuscript with readers who tell me what a wonderful journey I took them on.

As I continue on my quest to share my stories with readers who find pleasure in them, I have decided to embark on the course of self-publishing, in the hope that I may touch, in some small way, the lives of those around me.

You can purchase Dagger’s Destiny, a suspenseful, Historical Medieval Romance at Amazon.

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  1. Michele Rowson says:

    Love, love, love to read your take on yourself! I am extremely excited to read your novels. I too have a brain that does not quit at night…. books, like yours, help me to take my busy mind elsewhere. I shall become your biggest fan as the era you have chosen to write about, and the style of writing is what my mind craves……..

    • Karen says:

      Thank you, for your kind words! I’m afraid I had no say in the era, it chose me. I do love the concept of knights-in-shining armor who follow a Code of
      Chivalry. It’s so romantic! I can’t wait for you to have a chance to read it. Stay tuned!

  2. Sandy Renaud says:

    I want to thank your friend and mine Kathryn Latour for telling me about your new book Dagger’s Destiny..I just finished reading it and can’t wait for the next one ..It was very well written and I had a hard time putting it down. It kept my interest from cover to cover….well done..will recommend your book to my friends

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Thank you so much for reading Dagger’s Destiny. I appreciate all your positive comments and that you took time to post a review on Amazon. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story!

      Take care,


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