Dagger’s Destiny On Sale Now!

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It’s official. Dagger’s Destiny is On Sale Now!

It seems so surreal. After years of working on my manuscript and learning all about self-publishing, I have finally put all the pieces together and my novel is finally up for sale on Amazon.

Last fall when I won the “Best of the Best” in the Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest, I decided that self-publishing was the way to go. Unfortunately, I never imagined what a huge undertaking such a path would lead me on.

I’m pleased to announce that I have made it through the past few months somewhat unscathed. I’m a little beat up and worn out but I’m proud of myself for making a commitment and seeing it materialize into something wonderful.

I want to thank all my family, friends and co-workers who have supported my throughout my journey and who have been there to cheer me on and root for me. You’re the best!

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Dagger’s Destiny Back Cover Blurb

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Wow! Self-publishing is sure time consuming when you have a full-time job. I’ve been working non-stop on trying to get my book ready. The past few weeks I focused on my book cover. Because I’m going the e-book and the print-on-demand route, I had to come up with 2 different covers. The cover for the paperback book needed a front cover, a spine and a back cover with a blurb. I wanted the dagger handle you see here on the cover but I couldn’t get it to come out interesting so I chose the picture of a lady, instead.


On the back cover I had to write a blurb for the book. Condensing a 100,000 word book into a few paragraphs was challenging. I hope it sparks your interest!

Here it is:

“May my dagger bring you great strength and courage, in time of need”

For years those few words, uttered by her mother before her death, meant little to Lady Katherine de Grey. She lived a sheltered life in England, under her father’s protection, far away from outside threats. Never before had she imagined a moment when she would actually need her mother’s dagger to defend her life. But now, on the run, after her family is murdered and, Rosemont, her beloved castle, is taken by force, she remembers her mother’s long ago words and draws from her blade the power to face an uncertain future.

Tired from years of fighting, Sir Richard Weston sets himself on a new course. He has decided to wed the one woman in England that looks almost exactly like his best friend’s wife. He never counted on rescuing, Lady Katherine de Grey, his childhood friend, or on King Edward ordering him to marry the young lady to keep her out of harm’s way. In a fit of defiance, he vows not to consummate his new marriage. Instead, he sets a course to avenge Katherine’s family, reclaim her home and return to London to petition the king to dissolve their rushed marriage so he will be free to wed the only woman in England who can make him happy.

While the newly married couple join forces on a dangerous quest for revenge, they uncover a conspiracy against the king that puts their lives in peril. Along the way, Katherine accepts Richard as her champion and recognizes that she has a chance for a new life with a man she can easily call her own. With each caress of her dagger she empowers herself to fight for her destiny. All she has to do is convince her new husband that the woman he truly desires is already his wife.

Dagger’s Destiny is published and is available through Amazon!  Buy it now and enjoy the journey!



Happy New Year, 2016!!

This is going to be the “Best Year Ever!!”Cozy winter home background, cup of hot cocoa with

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet but I’ve been working very hard on editing Dagger’s Destiny and getting my book ready for self-publication. I was hoping to get it out to my family, friends and all those who are interested in a sweet Medieval romance, in late November, but like so many other well-laid plans, this one is taking more time than anticipated. Life and work keeps getting in the way. Darn!!

I’m very excited about the prospect of actually getting the book downloaded on Amazon so I can share with you what I created, but unfortunately I still have a little ways to go. There’s a huge learning curve with self-publishing but I’m so determined that I know I will eventually get it done and it will be well worth the time and energy I’ve spent on it. I’m hoping that by the end of January I’ll have something in your hands.

My only problem is that I have so many more stories calling out to me that I’m having trouble keeping them at bay. Right now, these other stories are so mad at me for pushing them aside and spending all my time on Dagger’s Destiny. I expect that once this book is actually out there, the flood gates are going to open and the words from my other stories are going pour out so fast that I will have to type lively just to keep from drowning in them.

Wishing you the Best,



“Best of the Best!”

Fireworks over city

Great news! As you know, I have a manuscript, Dagger’s Destiny, that I’m planning on self-publishing in the near future. Over the summer I entered the first 50 pages of my manuscript in the Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest for unpublished authors. In October, I found out that Dagger’s Destiny won 1st place in the Historical Romance category. As a first place winner, my entry was then judged again by an editor from Berkley. This time I was up against the first place winners from all the other categories such as: Contemporary Romance, Erotica Romance, Inspirational Romance, Young adult Romance, Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense.  Guess what? I’ve just been informed that Dagger’s Destiny was chosen as “The Best of the Best!” winner! Yahoo! I’m on cloud nine. I think it’s time to get this book published so I can share my sweet romance with those of you who might enjoy it! Wish me Luck!


Dagger’s Destiny First Place Winner!

Fireworks over the waterYahoo!  I just received great news. A few months ago, I entered The Indiana Golden Opportunity writing contest put on by Indiana RWA chapter. I sent in the first 50 pages of my manuscript, ‘Dagger’s Destiny’. The entry was picked as a finalist and sent to a publisher from Penguin (paperback) and a publisher from Entangled (e-books). Today I got a call from Indiana RWA to inform me that I won 1st Place in their Historical Romance category and now my entry will be sent off to another judge so they can pick the best all round. Very exciting news! Hearing such great positive feedback has reinforced my desire to hurry up and get Dagger’s Destiny published!

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