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Fated Beginnings!

Fated Beginnings is the First Place Historical Romance Winner in the New England’s Readers’ Choice Contest 2020! Yahoo!!

Look for Fated Beginnings on Amazon in both Kindle e-book and Print-on-Demand formats. http://bit.ly/2TcmYVcFatedBeginnings

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just finished self-publishing my second novel, Fated Beginnings. It’s available through Amazon in both Kindle e-book and Print-on- Demand formats. It’s the first story in The McKay Series.

Fated Beginnings is a Western Romance set in Montana Territory in the 1880’s. This is a story about a young, unmarried woman from Boston who finds herself pregnant. Desperate to save her family from ridicule, she sets off across the country to marry a stranger who promises to give her child a name. Unfortunately, Montana Territory is nothing like Boston and she soon finds herself out of her element.

Our hero, who’s handsome face was maimed in a fire a few years back, considers himself the least desirable of husband candidates but agrees to marry the young women in order to start a family. 

Can Allison and Jayson overcome their deep-rooted fears and open their hearts to each other? 

Join me on a fast-paced journey to find out how the story ends 🙂 

Hope you enjoy,



Dagger’s Destiny!

Look for Dagger’s Destiny on Amazon in both Kindle e-book and Print-on-Demand formats. http://bit.ly/2I2nNgs-DaggersDestiny

Medieval Woman-blonde hair-

Hi Everyone,

A few years ago I self-publishing my first novel, Dagger’s Destiny. It is available through Amazon in both Kindle e-book and Print-on-Demand formats. It’s the first story in The Destiny Series.

Dagger’s Destiny is a sweet, suspenseful Medieval Romance that takes place in 14th century England.

After Katherine’s father and brother are murdered, and her family’s castle is taken over by a ruthless lord, the young lady finds herself all alone in the world, running for her life with only the protection of her jeweled dagger.

Katherine is rescued by a childhood friend, Richard, who vows to protect her and escort her to the safety to his father’s estate. As our heroine plots her revenge, our hero finds himself inadvertently enmeshed in a direction, not of his choosing. Their journey together is fraught with danger, mystery, suspense, misunderstanding and, of course, romance.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!



Historical Serenade!

Hi everyone! I’ve joined with six other wonderful writers and we have placed some of our historical romances together in an e-book boxed set. Historical Serenade-Seven Tales of Romance is Now available on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/qnoejkg

Dagger’s Destiny is part of this historical romance collection!

Happy Reading, Karen


Feisty Heroine Collection!

I have written a Medieval Short Story to add to a collection of 36 other bestselling and award winning writers. Our Feisty Heroine Collection is on preorder and the e-book will be available in June, although please order right away as we are aspiring to make the the USA Today Best-Selling Books List!

Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts: Paranormal-Contemporary-Fantasy-Historical by [D.F. Jones, Tia Didmon, Margo Bond Collins, Dariel Raye, Miranda Lynn, Ruth A. Casie, Savannah Kade, Stephany Tullis, Suzanne Cass, Teri Riggs, Donya Lynne, Ashlee Price, Brenda Trim, Tami Julka, Claire Angel, Lauren Wood, Angela Sanders, Sheri-Lynn Marean, Maggie Adams, P. T. Macias, I. D. Johnson, Felicity Brandon,, Kayla Wolf, Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell, Ellen Mint, Lane McFarland, D. B. Sieders, Rachel Tsoumbakos, Maria Vickers, Theresa Hissong, Allie Marie, Amy Hale, Renee Regent, Barabara Bettis, Karen Muir, Ana Morgan, Tess St. John]

Our proceeds are being donated to the International Red Cross and the American Association of Critical-care Nurses.

99 Cents! Preorder available on Kindle, IBooks, Nook, Kobo

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Destiny’s Way

Destiny’s Way is my new Medieval Short Story. It’s part of the Feisty Heroine Collection.

This is a story about a character, Miles, you met in Dagger’s Destiny. This is Miles’ and Grace’s journey!

Hope you enjoy!!



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