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Western Romances

Fated Beginnings

Fated Beginnings was the First Place Historical Romance Winner in the New England’s Readers’ Choice Contest 2020! Yahoo!!

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Fated Beginnings is a Western Romance set in Montana Territory in the 1880’s. It is the first story in The McKay Series.

Here is the blurb: 

Is it possible for two strangers, scarred physically and emotionally, to trust each other with their hearts?

In 1884, a few years after a flash fire marred Jayson McKay’s once flawless face he finds himself living on his family’s ranch in Montana Territory, longing for a normal life. Since the accident, he harbors no hope of ever starting a family. After all, what woman would ever consider marrying a disfigured man, such as himself?

When a friend writes to him of a young pregnant woman from a good home who needs a husband to provide a name for her baby, Jayson is hopeful yet skeptical of such an arrangement. What would prevent her from taking his name and returning to Boston, shattering his dream of raising his own family?

Allison Monroe is desperate when the father of her unborn child-the man she’d hoped to marry-jilts her to save his inheritance. Unwilling to bring shame upon her family, she agrees to travel across the country to wed a stranger.

Allison soon discovers she is ill-prepared to live on a ranch out West and must rely on her determination and courage to get her through the uncertainty of her marriage, the novelty of her new life, and the ever-present dangers that plague an untamed land.

Thrown together as a couple, they struggle to guard against their building attraction and flaming desires. Can they put their painful pasts behind them and mend their broken hearts? 

~Join me on a fast-paced journey as Allison and Jayson overcome their deep-rooted fears and open their hearts to each other!!


Medieval Romances

Dagger’s Destiny

Look for Dagger’s Destiny on Amazon in both Kindle e-book and Print-on-Demand formats. Click Here!

It’s the first story in The Destiny Series.

Dagger’s Destiny is a sweet, suspenseful Medieval Romance that takes place in 14th- century England.

Here is the blurb:

May my dagger bring you great strength and courage, in a time of need.

For years those few words, uttered by her mother before her death, meant little to Lady Katherine de Grey. She lived a sheltered life in England, under her father’s protection, far away from outside threats. Never before, had she imagined a moment when she would actually need the dagger to protect her life. But now, with her family murdered and, Rosemont, her beloved castle, taken by force, she remembers her mother’s long-ago words and draws from her blade the power to face an uncertain future.

Tired from years of fighting, Sir Richard Weston sets himself on a new course. He has decided to wed the one woman in England that looks almost exactly like his best friend’s wife. He never counted on rescuing, Lady Katherine de Grey, his childhood friend, or on King Edward ordering him to marry the young lady to keep her out of harm’s way. In a fit of defiance, he vows not to consummate his new marriage. Instead, he sets a course to avenge Katherine’s family, reclaim her home, and return to London to petition the king to dissolve their rushed marriage so he will be free to be with the only woman in England who can make him happy.

Thrown together on a dangerous journey of revenge, the newly married couple uncover a conspiracy against the king that puts their lives in peril. Along the way, Katherine accepts Richard as her champion and recognizes that she has a chance for a new life with a man she can easily call her own. With each caress of her dagger, she empowers herself to fight for her destiny. All she has to do is convince her new husband that the woman he truly desires is already his wife.

~I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!



Destiny’s Way

Destiny’s Way is my new Medieval novella and a Free Gift if you sign up for my newsletter!

This is a story about a character, Miles, who you met in Dagger’s Destiny. This is Miles’ and Grace’s journey!

P.S. One of your favorite knights, Marcus, is a secondary character in this novella, and Richard and Katherine from Dagger’s Destiny make an appearance, also!

Here is the blurb: 

London, in 1354, was a challenging place for a young woman, especially one living with an unkind uncle. Grace Bradshaw longed to escape her guardian but had little hope until the fateful day her little brother stole the money pouch of a handsome knight and set in motion events that promised to change her destiny. 

Sir Miles Vastel is a member of a group of noble knights who champion those in need. After catching a young thief, Miles meets the lad’s intriguing sister, Grace, and discovers her deep, dark secret. At his own peril, he risks everything, including his honor, to help her flee her torment. 

Can Grace find the strength she needs to survive? 

How far will Miles go to protect the woman who stirs his desire?

~Enjoy this fast paced, sweet romance! 


Past Collections

Historical Serenade

Hi Everyone!  A few years back, I had joined with six other wonderful writers and we had placed some of our historical romances together in an e-book boxed set.

Historical Serenade-Seven Tales of Romance.  It’s no longer available for sale, but don’t let that stop you from checking out some of these amazing writer’s works.

Dagger’s Destiny was part of this historical romance collection! 


Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Short Stories

I wrote a Medieval Short Story (Destiny’s Way) to add to a short story collection made up of 36 bestselling and award winning writers. Our Feisty Heroine Collection e-book is no longer available but Wow! What a cover!!! 

Our proceeds were donated to the International Red Cross and the American Association of Critical-care Nurses during the Covid pandemic. 

A wonderful bunch of writers and a feisty collection of heroines!!