Works in Progress

Where do I start??

 I have so many wonderful stories in my head, but not enough time to write them all down!!

If you enjoyed my Western, Fated Beginnings, you will be excited to know that I’m just finishing up a manuscript about Chase and Jasmine. Our Fated Hearts begins the night Chase storms out of the ranch house and heads to town. The story runs parallel to and beyond Fated Beginnings but is in Chase and Jasmine’s points of view. I’m really happy with how the story unfolded and very excited to share it with you.

I also have plans to set some romances in motion for many other characters in my Western World. LOL! 

Nathan will be heading to Boston to finish his last semester of schooling before becoming a doctor and will bump into a blonde-haired distraction. Daniel will go off to a university and return a few years later only to find he no longer has a place on the ranch. Let’s not forget Sheriff Hollister and Melony who come up against bank robbers. There is a story in my head about Jayson and Allison’s son, Brandyn, who is living in Boston, and needs a girl from back home to tame his wild oats. I have a story about Nathan’s son, Cole, and a young schoolmarm on the wrong side of the law.

Other Works:

Or, if you enjoyed my Medieval Romance, Dagger’s Destiny, and prefer knights and sword fights, I have some stories for you. My next medieval romance will be about Richard’s middle brother Tristan who gets involved in a siege. But guess what? Richard has more than one brother, and there are stories about Garret (think Cindarella) and Bryce (down but not out). There are other stories revolving around some of your beloved characters like William and Elizabeth’s story and one about William’s little sister, Emma.

Hopefully, I’ll be working on these stories shortly!

Happy Reading!!