Destiny’s Way is my new Medieval Short Story. It’s part of the Feisty Heroine Collection that is available for preorder at:

This is a story about a character, Miles, you met in Dagger’s Destiny. This is Miles’ and Grace’s journey!

Destiny’s Way (The Destiny Series)

By Karen Muir


London, in 1354, was a challenging place for a young woman, especially one living with an unkind uncle. Grace Bradshaw longed to escape her guardian but had little hope until the fateful day her little brother, Jacob, stole the money pouch of a handsome knight and set in motion events that promised to change her destiny.

Miles Vastel belongs to a group of noble knights who champions those in need. After catching the young thief, Miles meets Jacob’s sister, Grace, and discovers her deep, dark secret. At his own peril, he risks everything, including his honor, to help her flee her torment.

How far will Miles go to protect her? Can Grace find the strength she needs to survive?

Meet Grace

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