This is going to be the “Best Year Ever!!”Cozy winter home background, cup of hot cocoa with

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet but I’ve been working very hard on editing Dagger’s Destiny and getting my book ready for self-publication. I was hoping to get it out to my family, friends and all those who are interested in a sweet Medieval romance, in late November, but like so many other well-laid plans, this one is taking more time than anticipated. Life and work keeps getting in the way. Darn!!

I’m very excited about the prospect of actually getting the book downloaded on Amazon so I can share with you what I created, but unfortunately I still have a little ways to go. There’s a huge learning curve with self-publishing but I’m so determined that I know I will eventually get it done and it will be well worth the time and energy I’ve spent on it. I’m hoping that by the end of January I’ll have something in your hands.

My only problem is that I have so many more stories calling out to me that I’m having trouble keeping them at bay. Right now, these other stories are so mad at me for pushing them aside and spending all my time on Dagger’s Destiny. I expect that once this book is actually out there, the flood gates are going to open and the words from my other stories are going pour out so fast that I will have to type lively just to keep from drowning in them.

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